Posted by destin on February 25, 2017


I couldn’t have started off 2016 in a better place; I had the opportunity to guide on the St. John’s River down in the sunshine state and escape the snow of Western Pennsylvania.  I love being a bass fishing guide on the St. John’s because it is so dynamic.  The tide brings different conditions throughout the day and you are constantly surrounded by beautiful scenery: Spanish moss, cypress trees, manatees, gators, birds and even some salt water fish from time to time.  I was lucky enough to meet some great people and have some awesome experiences down there while putting my clients on some nice Florida bass.

2017 has already brought some great experiences and my first few groups of the year have had a fantastic time getting on some nice Florida bass.  Last year had a colder, slower start but this year has been steady and warm which is a bit unusual for Florida winters.  The spawn is really starting and the big fish have really started to move up as the water continues to warm.  A couple of full moons with warming trends have really brought some good waves of spawning fish.  The river seems really healthy this year.  

My good Buddy Ben Wright from Keitech baits was able to make the trip down to sample some of the great fishing as well as us being able to test some of the new products coming out this year.  We were able to throw a variety of baits and catch some real quality fish on baits like the Crazy Flapper and Fat Impact swimbaits.  


The St. John River is a perfect spot to come chase some Florida bass – it is nestled near Jacksonville, Disney, and not too far from the coast.  The calendar is filling up fast, but if you are taking a break from the snow come  catch some Florida bass with Big Fat Bass Guide Service!