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Lake Erie Fishing Report May 17, 2015

Posted by destin on May 18, 2015

5-11 Smallie Erie May 17th.jpg

After having a productive guide trip Saturday, I was freed up Sunday to hit Lake Erie to see how the bite was.  After watching the weather all week, it seemed as though we would have wet conditions with a chance of thunderstorms, but luckily that never culminated.

After being delayed a bit in the morning I hit the water around nine o’clock to a beautiful, calm Lake Erie.  I ran East about a dozen miles before putting the trolling motor down and fishing.  I had an area that I found last year that didn’t hold a lot of fish, but great quality when you did find one.  I wanted to explore it a little more. 

Within about ten minutes of throwing my jerk bait it was absolutely hammered by something near the end of a long cast.  After fighting me from a distance, the bronze behemoth emerged in the clear waters.  I saw the fish clearly and was excited as I knew it was around five pounds.  It put up a great fight on the light line before I finally wrangled it to the boat.  Once I looked at the fish I knew it was bigger than just five pounds.  It had a giant stomach and the sheer look of a giant.  After looking at it then I presumed it was around that trophy six pound mark and I was very close in that assessment.  I put it on the digital scale and it fluctuated in the 5.70-5.75 lb range before settling in at 5.70 lbs.

That was an excellent start to the morning, but things slowed down soon thereafter once the bluebird skies and calm conditions emerged.  The bite got very tough for the next couple hours as it often does under those conditions.  Although we all complain about the wind and waves that Lake Erie is so well known for, they generally have a positive impact on the fish feeding.  If you think about it like a southern reservoir in the summer, when they aren’t pulling water and generating current, it is extremely difficult to catch fish and it’s the same on Lake Erie.

I spent the rest of the day looking for new summer areas with my electronics and got off the water not long afterwards to meet up with a friend to get some boat equipment at Chautauqua Lake.  All in all it was a beautiful day on the water and while the bite tapered off quickly, it’s always a great day when you are fishing.  Especially, when you are able to connect with some giant smallmouth! -DD