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Presque Isle Bay Fishing Report May 24, 2016

Posted by destin on May 25, 2016

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We left port from the city side of Presque Isle Bay around 7am and headed out in search for some plump smallmouth bass.  I was joined on the water by prior client and friend, Michael, and his father Art from Pittsburgh.  The morning was cool, but irregularly calm for the shores of Lake Erie, so we pretty much had free rein to zip around at will.

Throughout the day, we bounced around various areas in the Bay and made a brief stop in the big Lake.  The bite wasn't fast and furious, but we had a steady flow of bites for most of the day with drop shots and soft plastic stick baits.  With the water warming steadily from the lower 60s to the mid 60s, fish were anywhere from shallow to deep and we caught them about everywhere in between.  We even mixed it up for a brief time and did some largemouth fishing in Horseshoe Pond.

We caught a good amount of fish in the 2-3 lb class, with a few four pound specimen.  With the cold fronts from the past week, things were slightly behind from where they were in 2015 at this point, but it's getting better everyday as the water continues to warm on the Bay and the Lake.

It was a fun time on the water with Michael and Art as the banter and fish catching throughout the day kept things entertaining.  I'm looking forward to hitting the water again with another couple of fishermen from Pittsburgh tomorrow morning.  Looks like the storms from the Midwest are a bit delayed, so we should have some ideal weather to catch some beautiful bronzebacks! -DD