Wishing Everyone Tightlines in 2018

Posted by admin on January 1, 2018

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2017 brought a lot of trials and triumphs, thank you for the support over the past year.  I look forward to the journey 2018 brings us this year.



I started off 2017 in sunny Florida.  I escaped the snow and cold and had a really good season guiding.  The spring started a great guiding season on Erie the just finished up late fall.  I am grateful that there was a lot of good weather, great customers, and new friendships.

I was fortunate to fish both the Northern and Southern Opens again in 2017.  A highlight of my tournament season: catching an eight pounder off a bed on Chickamauga.  It was an especially gratifying way to go out on day two.



One of my most important lessons learned was the importance of knowing basic boat maintenance.  Unfortunately, when there are so many moving parts on a boat, there are more chances for something to happen.  The last three tournaments of 2017 brought issues with my prop.  I have always viewed my boat as a tool on the water and this year I learned the importance of knowing basic boat mechanics and how to fix certain things on the fly.

This year I continued learning a lesson I seem to revisit often: do what you are most confident in and don’t try to force it.  There are many situations where one technique or another might be more popular, but I have learned the hard way that I struggle most when I try to fish a technique I am not as confident in.

I often get consumed by fishing.  Between operating Big Fat Bass and fishing tournaments, it is easy to forget to commit the time to different parts of my life.  2017 brought a lot of things that caused me to recognize that when all things are in balance: health, exercising, home life, work, relationships, all things of importance, that it positively affects my fishing.


2018 GOALS

We have been blessed with a great opportunity that we will be divulging more about soon.  It is very exciting and I am extremely grateful to be in this position.

In 2018 I strive to continue to find and maintain the balance.

I will be fishing the newly rearranged Bassmaster Eastern Open Series. I am very excited; the circuit kind of follows with my 2018 path.  I typically head to Florida in winter to guide and head up north the same time as the Lake Norman tournament hits.

Fishing the FLW Costa Northern Series was almost impossible to pass up.  Having a tournament almost in my backyard is a very rare, but welcomed, occurrence. The other two are at fisheries I have come to love in the heart of smallmouth country.  It’s a great opportunity to fish and get my smallmouth fix, as the schedule didn’t allow too much of that last year.

My main goal for this year is to truly go back to the basics.  Not forcing things, allowing my thoughts and decisions to flow freely is how I had success my first season as a boater and I will return to this way of fishing in 2018.

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